Since 1956, Reyn Spooner has been synonymous with Hawaiian fashion. The island-inspired printed shirts have been worn by U.S. Presidents, cultural icons, and Hawaiians of all backgrounds. The company has inspired a generation of devotees—all while establishing itself as the gold standard for premium Aloha menswear.


While the company has worked hard over the years to build and maintain a loyal customer base, at times they have been challenged to reach a younger, more diverse audience—especially in the e-commerce arena. Although the fashion industry had seen a recent resurgence in Aloha fashion, the company struggled to capitalize on this opportunity.

Serving as an extension of the Reyn Spooner team, Buckland Co. helped the company concentrate its efforts on reaching a more targeted audience. This meant focusing efforts on revenue growth, including refining its e-commerce efforts and marketing goal setting.


Website Design + E-Comm Strategy
Project + Marketing Budget Management
Email Marketing Automation
Organic + Paid Social Strategy & Execution
E-commerce Sales Funnel optimization




Initially hired to oversee a website migration project, Buckland Co. quickly rose to the task of managing Reyn Spooner’s e-commerce efforts. In doing so, the Buckland Co. team helped the company change from an approach that almost exclusively focused on a lower funnel of consumers to include a more holistic sales cycle that accounted for new audiences.

Although Reyn Spooner had thousands of people in their database, their email communication efforts were underutilized. The Buckland Co. team introduced an email marketing automation strategy that emphasized advanced segmentation strategies to organize audiences into appropriate categorical lists. This meant unlocking the functionality of their email provider by targeting specific consumers and delivering relevant messaging based on segmentation.

Buckland Co. also helped Reyn Spooner refine their social media and content creation efforts. This paid social advertising strategy included targeting specific audiences on Facebook and Instagram, posting more regular content—including more visual content— and increasing the volume of Instagram and Facebook stories. This meant creating more cohesive, engaging social and visual content. And it also saw the creation of a Facebook fan group, where hundreds of Reyn Spooner devotees gathered to advocate for their beloved brand.

As an example, Buckland Co. helped Reyn Spooner introduce a Major League Baseball campaign to reach targeted baseball fans. By running targeted campaigns on social media, Reyn Spooner was able to reach baseball fans in specific geographic locations and sell apparel relevant to their interests. The campaign was so successful that Reyn Spooner has decided to expand from six MLB markets to league-wide coverage (which includes thirty geographic locations).

Ultimately, Buckland Co. helped Reyn Spooner uncover new tactics to increase their year-over-year margins. This strategy helped the retailer meet their ecommerce sales targets for the year—and contributed to a 22% year-over-year revenue increase. What’s more, the company’s ecommerce channel growth outpaced retail and wholesale channels for the first time.