Since 2010, Fortress of Inca has provided consumers with handcrafted, fair trade shoes, boots, and accessories from their shop in Austin, Texas. As a responsible manufacturer who partners directly with family-owned factories and workshops in Peru, the company uses natural materials and conscientious production practices to create products that are refined and timeless.


Fortress of Inca originally started as a brick-and-mortar. But like many retailers in the digital era, they soon realized they needed an effective e-commerce model to grow. A scalable e-commerce business strategy would enable the company to reach new audiences on a national level—while still maintaining their flagship location in Austin.

While the company had already introduced an e-commerce strategy, Buckland Co. helped Fortress of Inca refine their efforts and realize new opportunities.


E-Commerce Strategy
Email Marketing Automation
Paid Advertising
Organic Social Strategy




Working directly with Fortress of Inca, Buckland Co. helped the company scale their brand and increase revenue through new growth tactics. Serving as an extension of their marketing team, Buckland Co. developed a new e-commerce strategy to cultivate the Fortress of Inca consumer base—which, ultimately, helped the organization envision a company-wide transformation.

To begin, Buckland migrated Fortress of Inca to Shopify to unify the company’s e-commerce efforts with their point of sale system. This migration created an intuitive, omnichannel platform for consumers to explore, and ultimately, purchase products from Fortress of Inca. It also provided the company with a cohesive method of managing their e-commerce efforts.

To optimize return on advertising spend (ROA), Buckland Co. tested new opportunities and multiple audiences. And to efficiently and effectively communicate with a growing consumer base, Buckland Co. migrated the company’s email efforts to an automation platform specifically designed for e-commerce. Finally, Buckland Co. scaled the company’s entire sales funnel to fit a digital media model. These changes allowed for more streamlined, strategic communication.

Shopify has helped Fortress of Inca bridge the gap between their physical stores and their online inventory. This has provided an opportunity to manage inventory and sales in real time. By adopting a digital advertising strategy, Fortress of Inca saw their online sales double in the span of a year. This, coupled with the rollout of Shopify, enabled a growth of their e-commerce business by more than 200% year-over-year—including an overall ROAS of 11.95.