How Success Is Tied To Listening To Your Gut Instincts

Go with your gut - we’ve heard the expression a thousand times, but do we truly understand what it means.

One of the most frequent topics in coaching discussions is whether or not someone is tuned in to their instincts, or whether there is a sea of reactive habits that fight the natural pull of the tide. Our instinct can be stifled with piles of unimportant tasks, when we choose to ignore it. We know we can routinely “show up” and let the day dictate everything we do. However, we can rely on our mission and intuition and let that be the guide. (See previous posts: Passengers and Drivers part I and II)

Which path do you think progresses your career? Any guesses which path gets you stuck, regardless of your position?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or just starting out, it’s very important that you tune in to your intuition, or “gut” instincts. When you’re tuned in you can “feel” it. Operating from intuition typically brings focus and calm, because you just know it’s the right choice. When you feel anxious and tied up in knots, you’re not listening, and your intuition doesn’t like that. It wants to be heard, and will continue to act out as long as you look the other way and bury it in work. When that work is focused on initiatives you know are not the right path, those knots in your stomach can be felt undeniably.

In order to tune in, just sit back and think about the decisions you need to make right now. Before you consider the complexity of the various decisions or situations, what does your gut say is the right thing to do?

It’s important to recognize, we aren’t talking ego here, we are talking intuition. It won’t – or shouldn’t - get caught up in our ego when making the decision. It just knows the action to take. And as much as your gut wants to be heard, it often speaks calmly so the “just sit back” part is critical. As you tune in and follow your intuition more each day, you will execute with the improved confidence that comes with it. Your business, or career, will thank you today, and for years to come.